Fountain of Yuth



A special collaboration between The Salty Vogue x Shiva Rose Beauty. 

SPERMIDINE (Naturally Sourced not synthetic) 

Immerse yourself in the fountain of youth water. A very underrated ingredient, but will soon Spermidine will take the world by storm. Spermidine is a naturally occurring molecule in our body known as a polyamine. Polyamines play very vital roles in our cells' function and existence. Spermidine is naturally produced in our body and is interestingly found in many of the "blue zone" foods. This magic ingredient is a powerhouse for all things beauty and longevity! 


+ slows and reverses aging via autophagy, the cell cleanser

+ potent anti inflammatory properties

+ significantly lowers oxidative stress levels

+ stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis - increases more of the powerhouse of your cells

+ passes the blood-brain barrier, enhances our brains hippocampus and mitochondria function

+ improved lipid metabolism, the lifespan regulator

+ reduces visceral fat, glucose intolerance, and insulin insensitivity


+ increases collagen, elastin, and lipid production creating radiant youthfulness

+ stimulates fibroblasts in the body, which accelerates wound healing

+ supports melanin production for that after sun kissed glow

+ high magnesium content supports skin detoxification

+ high calcium content supports our natural oil production and skin cell turnover

+ encourages keratin production, for rich and resilient hair, skin and nails

+ boosts skin's moisture


Diamonds of the water. Our freshwater, sustainable, hydrolyzed Mother of Pearl powder is a sacred and oh so powerful ancient ingredient that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic, Mayan, and Chinese culture, and by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra herself. Revered for spirit enhancing magic, transformational skin properties, longevity elevating, adaptogenic richness, and so much more. Pearl is abundant in minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants. Additionally, this ingredient is highly potent and bioavailable to our body!


+ enhances calmness

+ energy balance

+ emotional stability

+ elevated mood

+ more potent meditation

+ uplifts spirit


+ radiant skin, hair, and nails

+ encourages skin cell turnover

+ accelerates and encourages healing

+ supports detoxification

+ assists in creating collagen

+ maintains and moisturizes entire body and skin

+ stimulates SOD production, a pivotal antioxidant for anti-aging


+ ultra dosage of calcium

+ stimulates new bone growth

+ amplifies mineralization

+ boosts bone density

+ supports our liver meridian

+ brightens the eyes

+ strengthens eyesight


+ transports us to homeostasis

+ enhances IQ

+ improves memory

+ calms our nervous system

+ relieves stress

+ promotes deep sleep 


In Kundalini, our radiant body is our true innate beauty. Surrounding the edge of our aura in golden illumination. Emitting our brilliance, essence, royalty, magnetism, creativity and inner light. Mastery of this ninth body, shields you from challenges. It speaks for you before your words do. All good things will be drawn to you. You will embody light. Dose your divine vessel with the Fountain of Yuth and set your intention to activate your radiant body with the mantra, “I am bountiful, I am blissful, I am beautiful”.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. 

Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if pregnant. Store in cool, dry place. Produced and packaged in a tree nut free facility.

Take 2  capsule daily with 8oz glass of water (with or without food).
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