Pearl Rose Face Cream - Directions

pearl rose cream

Use on a cleansed face (Pearl Milk Cleanser) preferably in the evening so it is soaked into the skin during slumber. Take some cream on fingertips and pat onto clean face in an upward direction almost massaging it into the skin. Use also on the neck and decollate area.

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Pearl Milk Cleanser

pearl milk cleanser

Take two pumps of the cleanser and place either on a soft washcloth or directly on your face. Rub in the cleanser so it can penetrate the skin, then rinse of with lukewarm or cold water. Follow cleanser with the Glow Balm or Rose Face serum for day, and the Pearl Rose Face Cream for evening.

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Honey and Nectar Mask - Directions

honey nectar mask

For a moment step into a fragrant, fertile, magical, garden where ambrosia and nectar are gently placed upon your face. With clean fingers apply enough of the Honey & Nectar mask to cover the face. Leave on for 15 minutes and then cleanse with warm water. Follow up with the Glow Balm or Rose Face Oil for a luminous radiance.  Face may become warm due to the active elements in the mask like the vitamin C and honey love.

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