Amber Venus Milk Bath - Directions

Amber Venus Milk Bath

Sprinkle in a seashell full of the Venus Amber Goat milk into a bathtub filled with water. Sink into the warm embrace of Venus and allow thoughts and images of light flood into your being. Follow up with the Venus Amber Body oil for true warm, sweet scent to permeate your being.

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Lalita Essential Oil Perfume - Directions

Lalita Essential Oil Perfume

Anoint yourself and allow your blissful nature to dance. Place a few drops of this sensual and seductive blend on your pulses. Allow it to permeate your being with joy and love.

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Luster Hair Oil - Directions

Luster Hair Oil

Apply a few drops to your fingertips and run through the hair to prevent fizz. You can also use it after shampoo while still wet to add shine and to smooth the hair. You can also use this as a hair treatment by massaging into the scalp and through the ends and keeping it on before washing.

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Golden Sol Body Butter - Directions

Golden Sol Body Butter

After bathing or when needing some golden light, take a small scoop of the butter and gently heat up in your hands. Then take the golden sol and begin to massage it onto your limbs. Take care to use it on areas like your belly, breasts, heels, elbows, neck 

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Cosmic Eye Kit - Directions

cosmic eye kit

For an even more powerful restoration of the eye tissue, place the rose buds in the freezer.  Begin by placing a few drops of the Restore Eye Serum around the cheekbones and eye areas. Then take the Rose quartz tools from the freezer, and gentle massage under the eyes. Start the massage from the inner part of lower eyelids, and move outwards. Do this in smooth, slow movements and then move to the upper areas. You can also massage the whole face, around the hollow of the cheekbones to create a sculpted look using the Rose Face oil or Restore...

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