Saffron Repair Eye Balm - Directions

Saffron Repair Eye Balm

Use in the evening under the eyes to help prevent wrinkles & to maintain plump, nourished skin. Use in the morning beneath the eyes, above the cheekbones to nourish the delicate area & create a luminous glow. Use under sunscreen or makeup for extra protection from the elements, also as a natural highlight.

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Wild Violet Sea Bath Salts - Directions


Directions for Use: Add ΒΌ cup of the Wild Violet sea salts to a bath of flowing water. Soak in the blue crystal salts and water and breathe in the divine and uplifting scent. This is lovely to do at the end of day to clear the energy. Use with the Lilakoi scrub for extra activation. The Wild Violet Sea Salts are lovely to use with the clearing Full Moon energy.

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Lilakoi Scrub - Directions

Lilakoi Scrub

Dip your fingers in the Lilakoi Moon jar and put some in the palms of your hands. Take a deep inhale and feel the sweet, healing, joy of lilikoi fruit. Then use the sugar scrub to gently exfoliate your beautiful body either in the shower or bath. After rinsing envelop yourself in the Nectar Body oil or Golden Sol Body butter for a rich, sensual tropical experience. Can be used for Full Moon or New moon Bath rituals to release old skin and energies.

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Amber Venus Milk Bath - Directions

Amber Venus Milk Bath

Sprinkle in a seashell full of the Venus Amber Goat milk into a bathtub filled with water. Sink into the warm embrace of Venus and allow thoughts and images of light flood into your being. Follow up with the Venus Amber Body oil for true warm, sweet scent to permeate your being.

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Lalita Essential Oil Perfume - Directions

Lalita Essential Oil Perfume

Anoint yourself and allow your blissful nature to dance. Place a few drops of this sensual and seductive blend on your pulses. Allow it to permeate your being with joy and love.

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