Connecting to the Natural World Through Our Senses

celestial rose body butter golden sol

To awaken to our truest, purest, authentic nature we need to connect to the earth and all it's gifts. This is the raison d'être that birthed the Shiva Rose Line. To bask in the golden rays of the sun, through calendula and sunflower seed oil. To soak up the vibrant, blue, green hues of algae from the Oregon Lakes. To revel in the sweet fragrant cardamon seeds and saffron threads of Persia. To relish the wild strawberries that can grow in deep forests. To sink into the scent of amber resin from trees. To harness the power of plant stem cells and amino acids to make your skin more supple. To feed your cells with pomegranate oil, hyaluronic acid and shea butter. These elements are the colorful threads that weave together The Shiva Rose Beauty line. This line is created with the utmost respect for the natural world and for you . . . . 


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